first referred to in 1090 as ‘Versaih’
 fortified castle farm with four towers
 torched by Prince Bishop Henri van Gelder
 rebuilt in around 1775 by General de Billehé, knight of the Order of Malta, owner of the famous Vierset Regiment, in
 Austrian service
 transferred to Napoleon’s chamberlain François-Charles de Mercy-Argenteau in 1818
 stayed in the family until 1877
 subsequently succeeded by: the families d’Overschie de Neerysche, Lamarche, Lamalle
 classified as a castle with exceptional historical value
 surrounded by a vast moat on three sides
 all lounges on the two floors, the historical cellars and kitchens are south-facing
 unique, uninterrupted view of the gentle surrounding hills
 splendid stairway in the hall
 from the fourth façade the inner courtyard can be seen: with guest rooms in the erstwhile coach houses, stables, 
 medieval outbuildings, castle gate and an inner gate affording entry to the walled park.